Collection of Works for the 5th【Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale】GSSP Gold Sunshin
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Collection of Works for the 5th【Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale】GSSP Gold Sunshine Prize Competition

and【Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design】


No fee required for submission)

1.     Purpose of Collection

" Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design " Works Collection ● and "Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale" GSSP " Gold Sunshine Prize " International Art and Design Competition, as an international art and design comprehensive Prize collection competition exhibition, is committed to creating a global classic art and art category database (digital collection), gathering human cultural and artistic elements, expanding the exchange between Chinese art and world art, further creating "Chinese art brand" and "Chinese design brand". The program actively builds an international platform for the art exchange, while promoting the benefit transformation and value expression of artworks and artistic achievements.

2.      Collection Method of Works

2.1  Collection of "Specially Invited" Works

"Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design" or "Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale Organizing Committee" specially invites works of masters from the international and domestic art circles, design circles, and creative circles. Influential works, works of cutting-edge art or design talents, etc.

2.2  Collection of “Propositional” Works (the “proposition” has not yet been determined this year)

Note: Requirements or information on the "theme" content, timing, and related materials collected for "propositional" works can be obtained on "Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design" official website ( menu bar "About Us"/"Data Downloads”.

2.3  Collection of "Non-propositional" Works

Individual works of art, group works of art, or unit works of art with no limited theme can be used.

Individual design works, group design works, or unit design works with no limited theme can be used.

3.     Category of Solicited Works

3.1  Arts. Including traditional art, painting creation, contemporary art, arts and crafts, and other works of art.

Such as: Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, installation art, ceramic art, wood art, printmaking, illustration, oil painting, watercolor painting, mural painting, contemporary art, public art, experimental art, technological art, social art, photography art, digital media art works, and other works of art.

3.2  Design category. Including space design, graphic design, and other design works.

Such as: urban planning and design, environmental art design, architectural design, structural design, interior and exterior decoration design, exhibition design, product and industrial modeling design, stage design or performing arts space, lighting design, character modeling design, fashion design, dyeing and weaving clothing art design; poster design, visual communication design, packaging design, book design, logo design, graphic design, computer art design; animation, ceramic art design, digital media art design, jewelry art design, fashion design, information art design, Multimedia design, Garage Kit, and other design works.

4.     Target Participants

Excellent works of art and design by art or design students and teachers from art colleges and universities at home and abroad; social personnel, art creators, artists, designers, design artists, or art groups, art units, design groups, design units, etc.

5.    Prize Setting

The GSSP “Gold Sunshine Prize” Competition Prizes will be evaluated on the basis of the outstanding art (or design) works pre-selected in the "Collection" of the "Digital Art Museum Contemporary International Art and Design". [Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale] The GSSP “Gold Sunshine Prize” Competition Prizes are set as "Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, Special Honor Prize for Excellent Artistic Works, Excellent Artistic Works Prize and Excellent Design Works Prize (various comprehensive Prizes), Special Prize for Artistic Works and Special Prize for Design Works (various special Prizes), Candidate works for the Outstanding Works of Art Prize and Candidate works for the Outstanding Works of design Prize (about 100)", "Excellent Instructor Prize, Best Instructor Prize, Excellent Organization Prize, Outstanding Contribution Prize for Art Education, Outstanding Contribution Prize for Design Education, etc."
"Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design” will collect according to the above-mentioned relevant reasons, and issue honorary collection certificates.

6.     Starting and Ending Time of Works Collection

6.1  Starting time of works collection: from now on;

6.2  Deadline of works collection: December 10, 2023; (subject to the online submission time of submitted works)

7.     Selection and Evaluation Principles

The organizer specially invites renowned international and domestic artists or experts in the design field to conduct strict selection and evaluation, mainly based on five aspects:

a)      Enthusiasm of ideological content

b)      Accuracy of theme expression

c)      The originality of graphic performance

d)      The artistry of expression techniques

e)      The harmony of artistic structure.

8.     Methods, Requirements, Address and Contact Information for Submission of Works

8.1  Ways to Submit Works:

a)      Overseas online submission, namely: send the submitted work, Registration form and letter of commitment to email

b)      China Online Submission, namely: upload the submitted works, Registration form and letter of commitment to

Reminder (1): When submitting online in China, after you "upload" and "submit" your work, please check carefully in the "Personal Center" and confirm whether the "Work Status" column shows "Successfully Uploaded"? If "Uploaded successfully" is not displayed, please "Upload" and "Submit" again, or consult the organizer by email. If you encounter problems with online submission, please consult email:

Reminder (2): "Registration Form and Letter of Commitment" and "Excellent Organizer Application Form" can be either obtained in the menu bar "About Us"/"Download" of the official website of " Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design " (, or by clicking to download at the end of the text of this collection announcement in the official online media of "Creativity World" (

8.2  Submission Requirements of Collected Works:

a)      Online submission, submit the electronic version of the work (Note: The dynamic video design production files or other types of files cannot exceed 500MB).

b)      The file format of submitted work can be: jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, rar, zip, mp3, mp4, mov format. Pictures are stored in jpg or jpeg format with a resolution above 300dpi.

8.3  Address and Contact Information

Mailing address: Mr. Liu, the Organizing Committee of the Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale (collection office), Room 405, Sunshine Building, No. 2583 Hunan Road, Shanghai

Postal code: 201315

Consulting email:

Contact number: 021-68069669

Official website:

9.     Collection Rules

9.1  The works must reflect the main purpose of the collection activity; there is no limit to the number of works submitted by individuals, and collaborative works of more than 5 people are not accepted.

9.2  The work must not contain relevant content that violates the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, must not contain any discriminatory content related to gender, religion, etc., and must not infringe on the privacy of others. The relevant legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the contributor (or team) himself.

9.3  Contributors must be the legal owners of the solicited works, and should ensure their originality. Plagiarism or tampering with other people’s works are strictly prohibited. Once found, all qualifications such as selected works will be cancelled. Contributors (or team) are solely responsible for any infringements or consequences arising therefrom.

9.4  When the organizer conducts relevant promotional activities for art or design works, or is selected for official publication, the contributor has the right to sign the authorship, and neither the organizer nor the publishing institution and other relevant institutions are responsible for the remuneration ; the solicited works can be used by the government, enterprises, and other projects or activities, etc. When the solicited works are used, transformed, expanded, or innovatively used, the contributors have the corresponding authorship rights (Note: If there are no projects or activities with direct commercial purpose economic income, the contributor does not need any form of remuneration; if there is a project or activity with direct commercial purpose and economic income, the organizer will discuss "one matter, one discussion" with the contributor in due course). No matter whether the submitted works are selected or not, they will not be returned. Authors are requested to keep the manuscript properly.

9.5  Organizer(Including sponsoring agencies, co-sponsoring agencies, guidance agencies, support agencies, and related institutions)are allowed and recognized by contributors to  organize cultural and artistic exchange activities, conduct various promotional activities for art and design works, edit, and adjust their contributions during online (or offline) collection, display,  promotion, and communication. Collection organizers, co-organizers, guidance agencies, or support agencies and other relevant units (or personnel) are not required to assume any direct or indirect responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, misappropriation, the transmission of any information such as the submitted work (including information such as images, text, or videos of the submitted work) in any way.

9.6  Upon submission of a contributor's work, it shall be deemed that the contributor has voluntarily accepted all the provisions of this collection activity, and the right to interpret this collection activity belongs to the organizer of this event.

10. Organizer, Undertaker,Supporting institutions, and Acknowledgments

10.1  Organizers

GSSP ? Organizing Committee of Contemporary International Art and Design Biennale

Organizing Committee of Masterpiece of Digital Collection Museum of Contemporary International Art and Design.

GSSP Gold Sunshine Prize International Art and Design Competition Jury

10.2  Undertakers

Shanghai Jizhong Culture and Art Communication Center

Shanghai Pudong Jinhai Culture and Art Center

10.3  Supporters

The competition was supported by associations (Including Shanghai Creative Industry Association / Zhejiang Cultural Creative Industry Association / Chongqing Cultural Creative Industry Association / Tianjin Creative Industry Association / Hebei Cultural and Tourism Industry Association, etc.) of various provinces and cities throughout China.

10.4  Acknowledgements

Official online media of the "creative world"(

Shanghai Jiaotong University Press

Global international and domestic universities, design schools, art schools, social art institutions, and design institutions

Ifeng, Renminhao, Eastday,Culture&Tourism,Wenhui Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, Pudong Release, Sina, Sohu, NetEase,, Tencent, and other relevant news media reporting units..

11. Relevant Information Download (see Article 8 for the Information download address)

Works Collection ? Registration Form ? Letter of Commitment

"Excellent Organizer" Application Form

12. Collection attachment (warm reminder)

Collection attachment (warm reminder)


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